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Welcome to Northern Illinois University Ultimate!


This is the official site of Northern Illinois University Ultimate. For anyone who has not played with the team before, go to the New Members page and see what we're about!. For anyone who has been here playing FRISBEE, go to Current Members. This website will be your primary resource for contact like tournament information, team roster, and other team information. Facebook will naturally be more up to date regarding some things, as this website is a student-run project.


Here is the new website!!!


This is what we are looking at for our new jerseys! The team name on the sleeve will be changes slightly. Let me know what youthink on the forums. 







  • New website! (9/10/13)

  • Involvement information for the club has been posted. (7/31/13)

  • Added Practice Field Location. (7/31/13)

  • Added Stanley Cup to the schedule. (7/8/13)

  • Alumni Members of NIU Ultimate has a roster page. Alumni are free to choose any number they want.(6/28/13)

  • Current Member page has some Jersey and Disk information. (6/16/13)

  • The weather is for Dekalb and it updates itself. (6/13/13)

  • There is now a calender in the Schedule page. Western Classic and practice dates are there. (6/9/13)

  • Andrew got pricing on getting new discs for the team, go to current member to find out more. (6/9/13)

  • Send Andrew Clos an email for the roster. Please sent First Name, Last Name, Height, Year, Jersey Number, and E-mail if you want people to know your e-mail.

  • So far the New Member page, Current Member page, and roster page have been started. The Schedule, Other Resources, and Alumni page still need a little love. Please check out the site and give me suggestions. I am learning html, so any suggestion will give me a chance to learn some more stuff.

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